WKK History


WKK was established in 1975 as a trading and distribution company supplying capital equipment, materials and services to the printed circuit board industry throughout Asia.

The company was a natural extension of the business founded by Mr. Wong Wha San, who in 1962, set up a PCB factory. When the business of the factory grew rapidly in 1975, WKK was created as the trading and distribution arm. In 1983, the company became a public company listed in HK stock market and renamed as Wong's Industrial (Holdings) Ltd. WKK became one of its wholly owned subsidiaries.

During the 1980's, WKK embarked on a course of diversification. Adding electronic assembly manufacturing equipment to its wide range of distribution services. This was followed by the distribution of electronic toys, electrical consumer products and video games. In 1982, WKK established a turnkey project division offering total factory setup encompassing line design, supply, installation and commissioning of manufacturing equipment, and staff training. In 1986, a major distribution subsidiary was set up to provide semiconductor devices to the ever expanding electronic manufacturing base of Hong Kong and China.

In 1989, WKK spun off from Wong's Industrial (Holdings) Ltd. and itself became a public listed company. Thereafter, and keeping with the Group's goal of a diversified and balanced activities base, the company has moved into several business sectors including OEM and travel. As the Group's activities continued to grow, so did its involvement and expertise in dealing with all parts of the world. To ensure easy communication and good relationships with its internationally-based business partners and customers, today WKK has offices in The United States, The People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Having evolved from a distributor into a broad-based, global company with interests ranging from fast food to electronics manufacturing, WKK is poised to continue its growth worldwide.

Wong's Kong King International (Holdings) Ltd. is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with code number 532.

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